7 Tools To Archive Your Twitter Identity

Twitter, a leading service for information sharing, has its limitations. Though there are no limit on how much you can share, your tweets are only searchable for barely one and a half weeks after it is posted. Now this being the bad news there is a good one too. You have a large number of tools that can archive your tweets and you also have the option to search for any specific tweet anytime in future. Following is a list of 7 tools that are best in the trade.

1. Tweet Backup:

tweetbackupTweet backup is a service offered by Backupify, an industry leading tool for archiving social media. No extra registration and you get started by authorizing the app to access your Twitter profile. Once done the backup will be initiated automatically. You also have the choice to manually synchronize the archive with your Twitter timeline using this app. At any point of time, you can export the backup in four popular formats (CSS,RSS,Text & HTML).

2. Backup My Tweets:

backupmytweetsNice and simple web based app that lets you archive your tweets. No gimmicks, no settings to configure, the tool delivers the job plain and simple. After you had confirmed the authentication, yours tweets are automatically backed up. Once the backup is complete you receive a DM in Twitter. However there are no download options for free accounts.

3. Twistory:

twistoryThis is an interesting web service that not only backs up your tweets it also does so in a chronological order integrating every tweet to a calendar application (that supports iCal format) of your choice. So you do have an archive with a date reference. Every time you post a tweet your calendar will be updated with the new tweet added to the date. The application also sports an import feature that can even range upto your first tweet on Twitter.

4. Google Reader:

google-readerOne of the most used RSS aggregator service developed by Google can also be used to archive your Twitter feed. This simple hack needs no extra account creation (everyone has a Gmail account these days and you can use it other than checking emails too). Here is a nice illustration of the hack and how you can employ it. ReadWriteWeb also demonstrates a working tutorial on how to use Google Reader to backup and search for friends’ tweets.

5. Tweettake:

Tweettake takes the job to a higher limit. Using this tool you can download almost anything related to Twitter. That includes direct messages, timeline, friends and followers. The archive can then be downloaded in an Excel compatible format.

6. Archivist:

archivist-desktop_lockupThe Archivist is a handy application from Mix online team that has capabilities like tracking tweets based on a search, analyzing tweeting trend in addition to archiving those tweets for later use. You have a local copy on your PC that itself is an added advantage. The tool also has an online alternative coined Archivist Web.

7. Twinbox:

twinboxIf you are an Outlook user, this simple plugin will let you archive your tweets. You can also maintain multiple accounts, manage tweets, post tweets and do a lot more right from your favorite email client.

Now that you have your tweets archived you can search for any of it anytime you need. Or to say that your friends and followers are also backed up, you can use this information for other Twitter accounts you own. The archives can be used for data-mining when Twitter isn’t at your service. If you have other tool recommendations, do let us know.

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  1. Tim McCormick says:

    does anyone know if any of these tools archive an account or hashtag’s tweets *retrospectively*, and if so, which does it most completely? 

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