What is New in Windows 10 November Update

After 2 months of launching the stable version of Windows 10, Microsoft has finally launched a major update for Windows 10 users. Actually, this update will be applicable on older Windows version users as well since it comes with some update those are compatible with such people. Although, Microsoft has delayed the update for some Windows 10 users, yet, all of them would be capable of installing this within 2 or 3 days.

In simple words, this is an awesome update with some improvements and new cool features. People, who have been using Windows 10, will get a new experience with the help of this update. If you are excited to know more about this Windows 10 update, do follow the following lines. Here, you can find all the new features list so that you can ensure whether you should install this update or not.

What is New in Windows 10 November Update


Cortana has got an enhancement aka new feature, which will let users find different things and faster. Now, Cortana will be able to understand handwritten notes. That means, if you have any handwritten note, Cortana will show it as search result for any query. Apart from that, Cortana will track any ticket. In other words, if you have any ticket in your email, it can read that as well. The most useful thing that is included is coupon alert. Whenever, you will open any site to buy anything using Microsoft Edge, it will notify you. Another awaited feature called call alert is now a part of this update.

Find My Device – Find your Windows 10 PC

Previously, Find My Device was a part of Windows 10 Phone. Users could go to Windows Phone website and find their device if it is lost. However, now you can do the same for Windows 10 computer. A built-in option is included by Microsoft. You can find the option under Update & Security panel of new System Settings window. This is a great update for them who travel a lot.

Colored Title Bar

Windows 10 had an awkward look when it comes to the title bar of any Window. No matter, whether your system color is red, blue or green, the title bar always captured white. This looks boring. However, now, you can choose color for title bar. The respective settings can be found at Settings >> Personalization >> Colors.

Start Menu

Those, who used to get missing error of installed apps in Windows 10 Start Menu, should not get it after installing this update since now the Start Menu can handle 2048 apps. This is another great update since there were many people, who used to get such problem. Apart from that, you can manage tiles in a better way. Some new options have been included in System Settings panel.

Activate Windows 10 using Windows 7/8 Product Key

Although, Microsoft promised to launch this method to upgrade Windows 7/8 users to Windows 10, yet that was not available since yesterday. However, now you can install Windows 10 and activate it using older product key. This new strategy will let Microsoft gather more people under Windows 10 family.


In the initial stable release of Windows 10, Skype was a built-in app. Now, you will get three other sub-applications along with Skype. Users can get Skype Video, Messaging and Phone in this update. Those, who use Skype a lot for different purposes, will not have to install the regular Skype app – this is possible to install it though.

Microsoft Edge

The new browser of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge has got few improvements in terms of features and performance. Now, this is faster and smoother. New Microsoft Edge browser will help you to synchronize your reading list across multiple Windows 10 PC and mobiles. But, for that, you need to use same Windows Live email.

These are the most notable updates for Windows 10. People can get more other features and little improvements throughout the entire Windows 10. If you are using Windows 10, you should definitely install this update.

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