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Best Android And iOS Apps To Extract Audio From Video

There are many times when we download a video, but we want to get the audio so that we can keep listening to that song or speech with headphone. If you are using a computer, this is very easy since there is a couple of free and paid apps for Windows and Mac those will

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Use Inbuilt Screen Recorder In Android Q

How To Enable Inbuilt Screen Recorder In Android Q

Google has recently launched the beta version of Android Q. Even though they haven’t included a lot of features for consumers, people still love it because of extraordinary features such as this screen recorder. If you have Android 9 Pie or older version, you need to download a third-party application. However, if you are using

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How To Extract APK Files From Installed Android Apps Without Root

Although users can install apps from the Google Play Store, it doesn’t allow people to extract the APK file. There were some tricks that help users get the APK file from the Google Play Store directly. However, those tricks have become abolished over the years. However, if you are willing to extract APK files from

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Lady at the airport

Best Apps To Spend Time At Airport

Nowadays, almost all people travel via airplane. It makes the journey time smaller and more comfortable, though you have to spend much more money than other available transport. If you often travel internationally via flight, chances are you spend a lot of time at the airport before getting the connecting flight. Some people often need

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Android Q

Android Q Beta: Eligible Devices, How To Install, New Features

Google has finally released the Beta version of Android Q for Pixel mobiles and here is everything you need to know about Android Q, which has not got the name yet. According to Google, their latest Android version is ready for everything including 5G, Edge to Edge display, foldable display, and so on. However, if

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WhatsApp on Mobile

How To Use One WhatsApp Account On Two Mobiles

When it comes to the best instant messaging service, WhatsApp comes first. No matter whether you are a student, businessman, or whatever, you can certainly use this IM service on your mobile despite having an Android or iOS mobile. The best thing is you can use WhatsApp on the computer as well. However, if you

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Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

How To Enable Dark Mode In Messenger On Android And iOS

Undoubtedly, Facebook is the most popular social networking site, and it offers countless features to handle every aspect of your account. However, there is only one problem if you use Facebook on mobile. You cannot talk to your friends via the official Facebook app for Android and iOS. You must have to install the Facebook

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Watch Movies Online for free: Best Android Apps

Whether it sounds legit or not but most of us love to watch movies online for free. Moreover, it brings in even a higher level of pleasure to us when we watch movies on Android for free. I know, the naysayers will smell something fishy in this idea but, I bet, it’s really hard to

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10 Most Recommended Apps For Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e

You might have already got the news that Samsung launched four different mobiles to extend their “S” series and they are Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, and S10 5G. Although the S10 5G won’t be available in most of the countries, you can purchase other three smartphones from being almost anywhere in the world. If you

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Best Calorie Counter Apps For Android And iOS

According to some reliable sources, an adult male needs more than 2000 calories every day to stay healthy and fit. Although a moderately active adult female needs quite less calorie than a male, there is not a huge difference. It doesn’t matter whether you want to gain or lose weight, to stay fit you must

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How To Capture Scrolling Page Screenshot On Android And iOS

It doesn’t matter whether you are using Android or iOS mobile; this is very easy to capture a screenshot. No matter whether you want to capture the settings app or any browser or any other app, you can do that in your Android and iOS mobile. However, what if you want to capture scrolling page

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Best Browsers For Android And iOS For Private Browsing

Nowadays only two platforms are dominating the whole mobile world, and they are Android and iOS. No matter whether you have an Android or iOS mobile, you can certainly find tons of apps in the respective app store. However, when it comes to private browsing, many popular browsers fail to provide what users need. If

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Get Windows Sticky Notes On Any PC

2 Ways To Get Windows Sticky Notes On Any PC And Mobile

Almost everyone needs a note taking app. In this busy world, if you forget something important, you might have to pay a considerable price for that. Although there are so many well-decorated note-taking apps for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, etc., you can use the Sticky Notes app in Windows computer to create notes very quickly.

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How To Download Apps Those Are No Longer Available In iOS App Store

How To Download Apps That Are No Longer Available In App Store

If you have a smartphone, chances are you have already downloaded some apps from the respective app store. However, many times the developers stop supporting their app and as a result, they pull their apps from corresponding app store. If you had an app on your phone, but the developers removed it from the app

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Sideload Third Party APK Files in Android Virtual Device

How To Install APK On Emulator In Android Studio

Android Studio is the ultimate solution for Android app developers. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create an app or you want to test it in various resolution; you can make use of Android Studio to get it done. However, if you are getting started with Android Studio and you do not know how

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