How to Add Tabs to File Explorer in Windows?
add tabs to file explorer

You know the convenience of browser tabs, don’t you? The best thing about it is the convenience. When you have to copy-paste something, you won’t have to minimize the entire window. Moreover, the drag-and-drop becomes even more comfortable. What if I give you an option to add tabs to file explorer in Windows? Do you […]

Top 5 Most Expected Features of Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 has been a sensation among Microsoft lovers since past one year. Microsoft has been updating their latest Windows version slowly. However, all the updates have improved user experience a lot over the past one year. Anniversary Update, Redstone 1 Update – both of them have made it even better. According to some reliable sources, […]

5 Lesser-Known Chrome Extensions

We have covered Chrome extensions a lot in our articles in the past. And, I know you may not want to read it again. What if I share five of the best offbeat extensions for Google Chrome? Yeah, in this article, you are going to get a few unconventional browser add-ons here. So what are […]

How to Replace Samsung TTS with Google TTS

Although Samsung was having a bad time with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there is no doubt that they make awesome mobiles. Even though Samsung uses Google’s Android, they use a different user interface to provide better user experience to their customers. For example, they have expanded the status bar to provide better features. They have […]

How to Password Protect Notes in Evernote

In our daily life, we always forget some important tasks. The best way to keep everything in mind is that you can start using a note taking app on your mobile and computer. However, the problem is you do not have many options those can synchronize notes across multiple devices. Apparently, you can find Google […]

How to Remove Noise from Audio for Free?
remove noise from audio

Are you looking for the best noise removal app? Don’t worry! I have got your back. Isn’t it annoying to hear your audio recording with disturbing noises? I know how exactly you feel. Though there are tons of audio editors available online, not all the free solutions work well when it comes to removing background […]

5 Useful Android Features You are Neglecting

When it comes to getting a mobile with loads of free apps, Android knocks the mind every time. Android is popular because of plenty of reasons. First, you can get hundreds of free apps available on Google Play Store as well as third-party resources. Second, you can get an Android mobile at a cheaper price […]

How to Download Netflix Videos to Watch Offline on Android and iOS

Netflix, probably the most popular online movie and TV shows broadcasting website, is now available in more than 200 countries across the globe. Although Netflix was previously bound to US and UK, now it is available in loads of other countries except China, Crimea, North Korea, and Syria. This is because of some Govt. restrictions […]

Top 5 IFTTT Applets for Google Assistant

Every time Google launches a new mobile, they bring something with them. For example, whenever they update their Google Nexus series, they also launch a new Google Android version. This time, they have launched something more than a new Android version. In other words, Google has launched Google Assistant with their Pixel and Pixel XL […]